Space Koalas :>

Edit: You can find a version that is a bit more zoomed in here.

Space Bunnies

Space Foxes

Space Turtles


Space Turtles who rejected suits ‘cause shells.

Space Bunnies

Space Foxes

Space Koalas


If you are a Homestuck Cosplayer and live in or near the OKC area. I still have spots open for certain characters for the Photoshoot that I (Orange Angels Studio) will be doing in Bricktown on August 23rd. If you are interested please get a hold of me ASAP (

Characters I am currently looking for : 
Rose Lalonde 
Dirk Strider 
Tavros Nitram
Nepeta Leijon
Rufioh Nitram 
Mituna Captor 
Aranea Serket 
Horuss Zahhak 
Kurloz Makara

Jade - ( will add when i remember her tumblr address. T-T) 
Dave -


I have a story.

So my sister got run over by a car once. It was a pretty big deal. Well like a year later she got into a little fender bender and was really bent out of shape about it, so I went and got her a cake. 


When I put in my order for the cake, the guy at the bakery asked, “Do you want it to say anything?”

And with a perfectly straight face, I said, “‘Sorry you got hit by a car again.’”

He narrowed his eyes a moment, then nodded and wrote it down, and took it to kitchen to get the writing done.

All the way from the back of the kitchen, I hear a woman shout, “‘Again’?!”

Also I thought I was intense about shopping but like Alex wants to get to the outlet mall at 7am for tax free weekend and stake claim till the stores open at 10????

Protip: don’t date someone you know will be moving 4 states away because you will live in denial about it until you only have two weeks left with them

It’s 6:18 I guess that means it’s time for me to get out of bed and do something with my life


Yeah. So I was driving home from the airport and got the random idea of Eridan as a russian nesting doll.


WH4T 1S… TH1S? >:?


the Very Important guide on recognizing cat positions


I love me some roxy

I get to go eat pho for lunch with Alex and that makes me really happy *v*